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I could NOT put this book down!! I purchased a copy for my mom just so we could read along together!! I am an official M.C. Walker fan!!- One More Thing

Brooklyn James, -Bookworm

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One More Thing by M.C. Walker

One More Thing

by M.C. Walker

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Greetings, I am M.C. Walker , author, poet, blogger, and creative spiritual being. I primarily write African-American and Women’s fiction: novels, poetry and short stories. I love storytelling, twisting plots, and creating realistic and authentic characters. There's nothing like reading a good book and writing one is a small piece of heaven on earth. In other words, I write about LIFE , the good, bad, the ugly, and everything in between.  My mission is to inspire you to live purposefully, arouse you mentally, make you laugh, provoke you to action, and swim a little in a ugly beautiful world created by me.  

Thank you for taking time out to learn a little bit about me. Give me the chance to get to know you as well by commenting and/or contributing your works of written art. My vision for this website is to create a community space where readers and authors alike can come together for inspiration and a good book. I love to hear from you! Sign up for the newsletter and connect with me on social media. Have a blessed and prosperous day!! 

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